Gig.U congratulates the communities of Champaign and Urbana

Gig.U congratulates the communities of Champaign and Urbana, as well as the University of Illinois, on the announcement of the investment into a world-leading broadband network.  Today’s announcement demonstrates how a community, focused on local organizing and local resources, can control its bandwidth destiny and accelerate its economic and social progress in the global information economy.

For more details on the partnership, see the UC2B iTV3 Press Packet.

Today, Gig.U Executive Director Blair Levin joined community and university officials to announce the project. Read his full remarks here.

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“The Next 30 Months” in Telecom Policy

Today, at part of the Georgetown Center for Business and Public Policy’s Project on the Evolution of Regulation and Technology, Gig.U Executive Director Blair Levin gave a speech entitled “The Next 30 Months.” In it, he highlights the upcoming events and challenges the FCC will face in this key regulatory era. “Here’s a big, but […]

“Step Away from the Mirror” – Remarks by Gig.U Executive Director Blair Levin at the National Press Club

Today, at an event hosted by the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative, Professor Christopher Yoo presented research on broadband speeds, investment, and pricing in the U.S. verses E.U., challenging the commonly cited narrative that the U.S. is slipping behind compared to other nations. Gig.U Executive Director Blair Levin was invited to speak in response to […]

Table Stakes for the Future (In Something Other than Basketball)

Today, Executive Director Blair Levin is in Hartford, CT to take part in a public conversation about ultra-high speed Internet and public officials. And to break some tough news about basketball. Check out his remarks. Blair Levin remarks to Connecticut Gig Conference

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