Blair Levin Comments on Gigabit Squared Announcement

“…When we started Gig.U less than a year ago, we knew it would be difficult for the next generation of high-bandwidth broadband services and applications to develop here unless a critical mass of communities with world leading networks was developed.  And we knew this was needed in spite of the fact that there were not any national plans to build world-leading networks.

But we also knew that the American spirit of innovation, the willingness to take up a great challenge, was not dead. And this ingenuity and desire to innovate was clear  in the nearly 60 responses we received to our information request. In these responses, more importantly, we learned a lot about ways to change the math that currently blocks our way to new and upgraded networks.

In learning to change the math, we also learned about a company called Gigabit Squared.  What made the Gigabit Squared approach so exciting was that it suggested going far beyond normal industry business models in how to successfully and creatively improve broadband access speeds for university communities: exactly the premise upon which Gig.U was founded. We intuitively knew this, but to see Gigabit Squared emerge so strongly today proves that yes, America needs an upgrade; and that yes, there are innovators and investors willing to step up to get it done…”

-Blair Levin, Executive Director, Gig.U

May 23, 2012

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