Connecticut Mayors Seek Partners to Develop a Gigabit Network

Gig.U congratulates Connecticut for making major strides in their quest for next generation speeds! Today, New Haven, Stamford and West Hartford, CT issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), opening up a dialogue with companies and organizations on developing gigabit networks in their cities and around the state.

The mayors have three goals:

  • Create a world-leading gigabit-capable network in targeted commercial corridors – as well as in residential areas with demonstrated demand – in order to foster innovation, drive job creation and stimulate economic growth.
  • Provide free or heavily discounted 10-100 MB (minimum) Internet service over a wired or wireless network to underserved and disadvantaged residential areas across the territories and diverse demographics.
  • Deliver gigabit Internet service at prices comparable to other gigabit fiber communities across the nation.

Read the entire press release from the CT municipal effort, including remarks from the officials of West Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford.