Gig.U: A New Catalyst for Creating High-Tech Hubs

EBN Online

By Jennifer Baljko

August 4, 2011

We’ve all heard before that “necessity is the mother of invention.” Lately, too, we’ve heard a lot about how, if planned well, economic recessions could spark any number of innovative products and projects. These dynamics seem to be fusing into a “necessity-driven innovation effort” at the university level.

A few days ago, the newly-launchedĀ Gig.U, also known as the University Community Next Generation Innovation Project, announced plans to develop and nurture in the United States the “deployment of ultra high-speed networks to leading US universities and their surrounding communities.”

The basic idea behind Gig.U, which I first read about inĀ Good and The New York Times, is to research how ultra high-speed network connections can be used not only by scientific researchers and engineers, but by homes and businesses around universities. Essentially, the group’s goal is to forge a digital ecosystem to attract new companies, ideas, and educational models.

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