Gig.U Extends Deadline for RFI Responses and Shares Additional Community Information

Based on feedback from a number of potential respondents, the Gig.U members have decided to move the RFI response date back from November 16 to Friday, December 2nd.

Additional Information Links

We have also posted links to more community-specific information such as economic & demographic profiles, information about top local employers and/or local redevelopment or broadband initiatives. The links are intended to give interested parties a better idea of the business opportunities in these communities. We hope that you will use this information in conjunction with the community profiles that were included in the RFI which explained how each member defined its “community” for the purpose of this initiative. Please note that while members may be focused on specific geographic areas, as defined in the profiles, many members would also be interested in solutions that scale to other nearby communities or other parts of their home states. This could enable greater scale for a business provider and make for more compelling  testbeds for advanced broadband-empowered applications.

One important note: many of the statistics provided come from Census data and may be skewed by the high percentage of students relative to the total population. For example, in some communities, the median income may look much lower than the state’s even though university communities are actually relatively affluent when measured by housing prices or median income excluding full time students.

We hope this information and extension will help potential respondents as they prepare their submissions, and we’re anxious to see responses so please submit as soon as you are ready!

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