Gig.U Statement on Mayor McGinn/UW's High-Speed Fiber Partnership

Earlier today Mayor Mike McGinn and University of Washington President Michael Young joined Ed Lazowska, Bill & Melinda Gates Chair in Computer Science & Engineering at UW, and Louise Little, Greater University Chamber of Commerce, at the UW Medical Center to announce a partnership to bring high-speed fiber to the neighborhoods surrounding UW.
Gig.U Executive Director, Blair Levin, had the following to say about this significant achievement:

Today’s announcement between the City of Seattle and the University of Washington deserves great praise and attention.  While all agree our country needs a critical mass of test beds for world-leading networks to enable a new generation of innovation, it takes the kind of leadership the City and University demonstrate today to make this vision a reality. Gig.U hopes this will inspire other communities to consider how they can act to improve the environment for investing in such test-beds and that players in the private sector step up to take advantage of such opportunities to spark economic growth and make sure our country leads in the coming world of ultra high-speed broadband.


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