There goes the fiberhood: Optico moves into communities, connects first 1Gbps users

June 6, 2014

Puerto Rico’s first 1Gbps-capable fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband internet service was launched on 3 June 2014 by Critical Hub Networks under the ‘Optico Fiber’ banner. The service is available exclusively for residential customers, offering symmetrical download/upload speeds of up to 1Gbps, and unlimited (fair usage policy) data caps. Local news site reports that Critical Hub is making Optico Fiber available in communities (known as ‘fiberhoods’) which meet minimum sign-up goals under a model similar to Google Fiber in the US whereby would-be customers request services via the Optico Fiber website. The first seven fiberhoods given the FTTH service are in the capital San Juan, company officials confirmed, adding that Critical Hub will ‘continuously’ open new fiberhoods as engineering works are completed. Under standard Optico packages a standalone up-to-1Gbps broadband connection costs USD70 per month; broadband bundled with fixed telephony costs USD90; while there are ‘free’ broadband options, including a phone service add-on for USD20 a month, which entail paying a USD300 construction fee over a six-month period (with the paid-for broadband options waiving the USD300 fee if signing a 24-month contract). Karen Larson of Critical Hub told Newsismybusiness: ‘We are using Google Fiber’s model. The investment is a joint effort between Critical Hub and the community … The first fiberhoods which are open for Optico sign-up represent approximately 10,000 households … Our engineers are finalising plans [for] more than 100 additional fiberhoods.’

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