Would Bandwidth ‘Abundance’ Solve the Net Neutrality Debate?

by Anne L. Kim | Roll Call | June 10, 2014

To Blair Levin, who oversaw the development of the National Broadband Plan, the debate over net neutrality is both old and will be ongoing — and he sees municipal broadband as the solution in the meantime. But that issue comes with its own set of debates.

Summarizing commentary he wrote after a court decision earlier this year that rebuffed the bulk of the FCC’s 2010 “open Internet” rules, Levin said Tuesday that net neutrality has been debated for 10 years and will be debated for another 10 years.

“In the meantime, can we just figure out a way to create bandwidth abundance?” said Levin, a fellow at the Aspen Institute. Cities, he said, are the ones doing it…

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